Fan Update // February 2016

Just a few things to update you guys! We are going to be making a LOT more content on our YouTube. We exist to encourage and inspire and if the situation calls, entertain. We are a band after all đŸ˜› and we love to create things and just be goofy and we want you guys to see that.


Escape to the Forest – February 2016

We recently departed from normalcy into the belly of the forest in search of the most beautiful sounds, so that we might bring them back to you. Three days. Just us, our music, and a video camera. We unearthed wonderful musical treasures and we want to share them with you. If you want a shiny brand new song every month before we release them to the public or before they go into the unknown depths of nothing, please visit our Patreon page. You will not regret it.

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Podcast #7 – May 2015

So much has happened since Podcast #6. In addition to more shows, more music, and more shenanigans, we bought a van, drove to our first out of state concert, and even invented their own game to keep themselves entertained on the road.

Podcast #6 – February 2015

New adventures in SoW land: Our new music video, behind the scenes, what we’re up to and a little insight in to what you can expect! Shenanigans, choreography, live-shows, and a BIG announcement!

We love you all!